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Bison Brisket (Point)

Bison Brisket (Point)

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New Release!  Our new Bison Union Brisket Point offers less fat than our traditional Beef Primal Brisket Point, but is bursting with that juicy and moist bison flavor that you patiently wait for when slow-smoking a brisket!

Also known as the deckle, the point is the “fatty” part of the brisket.

You are often given the choice between “fatty” and “lean” brisket at barbecue restaurants and the point is where most of the fat and marbling (aka FLAVOR) live.

After hours on the smoker, the brisket point’s meat is incredibly juicy and breaks apart in melt-in-your-mouth beef strings and flavor-packed bite-sized pieces even with the most careful knife slices.

We are also offering our Bison Union Brisket in the leaner "flat" cut: Bison Brisket (Flat)

Our mouth-watering bison meat all comes exclusively from our great friends at Bison Union Land & Bison in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming.

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