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Berkshire breakfast sausage, subscription

Spicy Italian Ground Sausage

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Don't let the name fool you, if you enjoy a little kick but not an overpowering spicy flavor, this is the sausage for you!

Made with our amazing Berkshire pork we grind and season it with spices including salt, paprika, fennel, and red and black pepper.  

Crumble it in your breakfast dishes or spice up and change up any recipe calling for ground meat! 

At Mountain Primal we raise the prestigious Berkshire breed of pig, one of the oldest registered breeds of pigs in the world, originating in England.  In 1875, the American Berkshire Association was formed to keep the breed pure and plentiful.  Why take this pork so seriously?  Compared to other American pure-breeds, Berkshire pork stands out with superior marbling, taste, and size.  We raise the best, because you expect the best.

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