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American Highland Beef Currently In Stock

Ground Beef

From $9.99

Every grill master has their own way of creating the perfect burger, and Mountain Prima...

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Mountain Primal’s Ground Beef Stockpile Package


No freezer should ever be without a ready-to-go supply of ground beef. Keep your freeze...

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Sirloin Steak

From $11.99

Big cut, big flavor.  Mountain Primal’s sirloins will have your family & friends c...

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Flat Iron Steak

From $15.99

This ranch favorite is one of our go-to steaks for our family meals for good reason. T...

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Short Ribs

From $26.99

If you're reading this and don't see "Sold Out!" written above, get them NOW!!  We've ...

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Mountain Primal Canine


At Mountain Primal, our dogs are part of the family and deserve the best.  Mountain Pri...

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Coulotte (Picanha)

From $21.99

The Mountain Primal Coulotte is a very well-marbled and flavorful cut taken from the c...

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Pot Roast

From $44.99

Break out the slow cookers, it’s time for a feast the whole family will love! Get fanc...

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Mountain Primal's Basic Stockpile Package


We firmly believe that everyone should be stocked and ready for any on-the-fly meal an...

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Beef Breakfast Links


If you thought the smell of coffee will wake the house up, just fire up a skillet of o...

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Chuck Roast

From $36.99

Our beef products are sourced direct from our ranch in Basalt, CO.  Our pristine mount...

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Beef Marrow Bones


All of our beef products are sourced from our ranch located in Basalt, CO. The pristin...

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