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New York Strip

From $15.99

The meat that made American steakhouses famous.  Our New York Strip Steak strikes the ...

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From $24.99

A classic on the grill, or in the pan, Mountain Primal’s Ribeyes are marbled perfection...

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Sirloin Steak

From $11.99

Big cut, big flavor.  Mountain Primal’s sirloins will have your family & friends c...

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T-Bone Steak

From $43.99 Sold out!

Appropriately named for its "T" shaped bone that separates the strip of top loin (aka ...

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Tomahawk Ribeye

From $52.99

Now sold individually!  Known as the cowboy steak, the Mountain Primal Tomahawk Ribeye...

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From $47.99 Sold out!

The undisputed champ of the steakhouse. The Mountain Primal Porterhouse is comprised o...

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From $30.99

If you know, then YOU KNOW. This is one of our ranch secrets, but not anymore! Widely r...

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Flat Iron Steak

From $15.99

This ranch favorite is one of our go-to steaks for our family meals for good reason. T...

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Skirt Steak

From $18.99

Looking to spice things up?  Our signature skirt steak is the foundation for anyone wh...

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Elk Medallions

From $16.99 Sold out!

Our Mountain Primal Elk Medallions are an extremely versatile cut that is high in prote...

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Flank Steak

From $33.99

The steak that’s full of potential.  These cuts can be thrown on the grill, but are ex...

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Bison Ribeye

From $18.99 Sold out!

Our Wyoming raised bison ribeye steak from Bison Union embodies the pioneer spirit in ...

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