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From our family to yours

If you start something, you should see it all the way through.  When it comes to our American Highland Cattle and the care we provide them, we are as vertically integrated as possible.  We take pride in directly influencing every important stage of our cattle's lives.

We do our own backgrounding, ensuring every calf is able to gain a healthy amount of weight and to control for any health issues before sending them to join their new family.  All of the cattle we introduce to the herd go through a several step selection process to guarantee a strong pedigree and sound fitness for our rugged mountain climate.  We transport our animals to slaughter and do all that we can to not waste any parts of the animals.  The horns, skulls, hides, meat, and bones are all used in making Mountain Primal products.

We take part in all these steps because we do not want to dismiss the importance, or cede the responsibility, of learning every facet of our business.  We learn so that we can lead, we lead so that we can teach, we teach so that we can build our future.


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