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"The Mountain Primal" - 14 lbs. of Beef and Pork!


When we have guests at the ranch and ask what they'd like to have for dinner, they'll j...

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Andouille Sausage


Smoked, spicy, and incredibly juicy, Mountain Primal’s Andouille Sausage has just the ...

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Apricano Kick BBQ Sauce


At the foot of our ranch in Emma, CO sits a lone apricot tree, which inspired this swee...

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From $12.99

A cut above the rest.  Sliced from the pork belly, the bacon from our Berkshire breed ...

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Mountain Primal’s take on a German tradition. Serve these plump Berkshire pork sausage...

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Breakfast Sausage

From $9.99

Mountain Primal’s breakfast sausage is made from a delicious combination of our favorit...

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Your favorite spicy crumble.  Try it on your eggs, pizza, tacos, burritos, or use the w...

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Custom Mountain Primal Watch


Want a reliable watch that won't come off when your shoulder deep in a bull doing check...

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Eat Meat, Or Die Tee


It's not a revolutionary idea.  Eating meat provides the nutrients you need to get stro...

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Filet Mignon

From $19.99

For the discerning frontiersman. Mountain Primal’s filet mignon are cut to an inch and ...

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Flank Steak


The steak that’s full of potential.  These 18 oz cuts not only can be thrown on the gr...

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Get Dirty Brown Tee

Regular price Retail: $28.99 sale: $23.99

Don't wait around for life to happen.  Get out there and get dirty!

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