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Charcoal Grey Mountain Primal Women's T-Shirt


Show that Mountain Primal Nation pride! Eat meat, work hard, and get dirty! Pursue grea...

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Charcoal Grey Mountain Primal Zip-Up Hoodie


Show that Mountain Primal Nation pride! Eat meat, work hard, and get dirty!

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Chuck Roast

From $40.99

Our beef is sourced direct from our ranch in Basalt, CO.  This product comes with a bo...

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Coulotte (Picanha)

From $21.99

The Mountain Primal Coulotte is a very well-marbled and flavorful cut taken from the c...

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Cube Steak

$10.99 Sold out!

You asked, and we heard you loud and clear! We're excited to now offer a new family fa...

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Custom Mountain Primal Watch


Want a reliable watch that won't come off? Look no further. This Mountain Primal Custom...

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Eat Meat, Or Die T-Shirt


It's not a revolutionary idea.  Eating meat provides the nutrients you need to get stro...

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Elk Brisket (Whole)

From $38.99 Sold out!

Though leaner with less fat than our traditional Beef Primal Brisket, you sacrifice ZE...

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Elk Flank Steak

From $26.99 Sold out!

One of our favorite and go-to beef cuts on the ranch, our new elk flank steak offers up...

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Elk Flat Iron Steak

From $29.99 Sold out!

This ranch favorite is one of our go-to steaks for our family meals for good reason. ...

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Elk Hanger Steak

From $12.99 Sold out!

Our elk hanger steaks are the perfect cut for those who like to marinade their steak, t...

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Elk Heart

$10.99 Sold out!

Our elk hearts are between .4- .6 lb each.  100% Grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone f...

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