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Mountain Primal Meat Co. Shipping Policy

At Mountain Primal Meat Co., selling and shipping high-quality meat is what we do every day. Shipments are processed and shipped on Mondays, with occasional Tuesday shipping, for Tuesday through Friday delivery.

Mountain Primal Meat Co. does not process shipments Wednesday-Sunday and cannot deliver on Sunday.

Weekly Shipping Cutoff Time: All orders placed after 12 PM MST on Fridays will be shipped a week from the following Monday.

To maintain the highest quality, our products are individually sealed in air-tight packaging, perfectly aged and flash frozen prior to shipment.

To help ensure your meat order arrives in Mountain Primal’s highest standard of condition, each order is hand-packed and shipped using a 100% recyclable and compostable insulating liner that can be recycled alongside corrugated boxes. Our adoption of this packaging technology allows us to protect temperature sensitive shipments for up to 80 hours while significantly reducing packaging waste.

In addition, we include dry ice and specially designed cold packs to ensure that your product is received cold to the touch and re-freezable. 


Once your order has shipped, you will get an email with your tracking code and can track the package simply by clicking the tracking number within the email.


Mountain Primal Meat Co. offers flat rate, 2-3 day shipping, one-day shipping and will call options in certain regions. Total days to deliver is based on region, carriers, and is typically within 3 days. See chart below for detailed shipping rates.

Colorado and Surrounding

  • $24.99 Flat Rate – Orders $0 - $199  
  • $29.99 Flat Rate - Orders $200 - $299  
  • $39.99 Flat Rate - Orders $300 - $399  
  • $49.99 Flat Rate - Orders $400 - $699
  • $99.99 Flat Rate - Orders $700 - $999
  • $149.99 Flat Rate - Orders $1000 - $1499
  • $199.99 Flat Rate - Orders $1500+
  • $99.99 Flat Rate Express One Day Shipping

Hawaii, Alaska, and East Coast United States (Due To Current Carrier Issues, We Must Ship 2-3 Day Express In Order To Ensure Satisfactory Delivery of Perishable Items)

  • $69.99 Flat Rate – Orders $0 - $199  
  • $79.99 Flat Rate - Orders $200 - $299  
  • $89.99 Flat Rate - Orders $300 - $399  
  • $99.99 Flat Rate - Orders $400 - $699
  • $249.99 Flat Rate - Orders $700 - $1199
  • $299.99 Flat Rate - Orders $1200 - $1699
  • $349.99 Flat Rate - Orders $1700 - $2199
  • $399.99 Flat Rate - Orders $2200+

 West Coast and Midwestern United States

  • $39.99 Flat Rate – Orders $0 - $199  
  • $49.99 Flat Rate - Orders $200 - $299  
  • $59.99 Flat Rate - Orders $300 - $399  
  • $69.99 Flat Rate - Orders $400 - $699
  • $219.99 Flat Rate - Orders $700 - $1199
  • $269.99 Flat Rate - Orders $1200 - $1699
  • $319.99 Flat Rate - Orders $1700 - $2199
  • $349.99 Flat Rate - Orders $2200+

 *Shipping rates are subject to change as we navigate the most current carrier issues to ensure dependable delivery.


We currently ship with FedEx, UPS, and USPS to offer you the best options for your region. On the day your order ships, you will receive an email with your package's tracking number. This email will also indicate which carrier is delivering the package.

We deliver within the United States with the exception of Puerto Rico, Guam and other U.S. territories. At this time, we are unable to process international orders. We can deliver to post office and some APO/FBO boxes.

Mountain Primal SHIPPING Days

In order to ensure you the best delivery expectations while navigating carrier dependability, we only ship on Mondays with occasional shipping on Tuesdays (usually due to Holiday schedules).

For your order to be shipped out on Monday or Tuesday of the current week, you MUST have your order placed by 12 PM MST on Sundays. All orders placed after 12 PM MST on Sundays will be shipped out the following week on Monday.


Mountain Primal Meat Co. makes every attempt to fulfill orders based on customer requested ship date; however, holidays and unforeseen circumstances can force exceptions to delivery. Below are important shipping notes to keep in mind when placing your order.

  • All shipments require a street address.
  • Mountain Primal Meat Co. is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. Please be sure to double-check addresses. 
  • Inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances can cause shipments to be delayed.
  • Mountain Primal Meat Co. is not responsible for shipment delays caused by adverse or unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Many of our larger cuts (e.g. roasts, briskets, etc.) can take 3-4 days to completely thaw; please plan accordingly and schedule shipments to allow for thawing.
  • Meat may arrive partially frozen or cool to the touch – in either case it is fine to refreeze it as long as it is refrigerator temperature.
  • Be sure to double check gift recipient addresses.
  • Billing customer is responsible to make sure gift recipient is available for delivery.


Due to the nature of our product, we are not able to take returns back into our shipment facility. If you feel a product you received does not meet our guarantee, please contact us at (970) 927-7677 or  immediately and our team will gladly assist you beginning the refund/review process.


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