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American Highland Cattle - Strong and Full of Character


Here in the Roaring Fork Valley we feel at home.  The fresh mountain air, the rivers abundant with fish, countless trails for exploring, and hunting areas thick with Mule Deer and Elk make this a high altitude paradise.  We love it here, and our American Highland Cattle with their thick hairy coats, are perfectly in sync with their surroundings.

The Highland breed as we know them today originated in Scotland and are known for their hardiness in cold environments.  Their warm coats protect them from the chill of our Rocky Mountain winters and it also positively affects the taste and marbling of the meat.  Without the need for extra fat to stay warm they are naturally leaner animals and produce meat with lower fat content and slightly less cholesterol than other, more common cattle breeds.

We are also proud of their large upturned horns.  We do not dehorn any of our animals.  We honor their power and accept the risks involved with being in their presence.  This is not for show, but a large part of our philosophy.  We respect an armed populace and its ability to look after itself.  We will never lose sight of the importance of treating our animals with reverence.

Lean in, stay vigilant, and eat meat!


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