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You can find our ranch nestled up against Crown Mountain, our patch of the Rocky Mountains that help form the Roaring Fork Valley.  It is more than a place where we raise cattle and ply our trade as stewards of the land.  It is at the same moment a part of who we are and a relationship to our past, an archetypal figure of the West with its roots firmly planted in the pioneering spirit.  When we take our first step onto the ranch each morning, the feeling of connection and responsibility to the land, our animals, and the community surrounding us is undeniable.

Our ranch is a testament to what is possible if an individual holds his or her life and profession in high esteem.  Like those early trailblazers who bent the Roaring Fork Valley to their will, we ensure each tool, building, and throughway is kept in top working condition.  If you want to experience a piece of America that embodies the western idealism of hard work and dedication to self-reliance, stop on by.  We’d be happy to show you what it looks like to forge your own path.



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