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Sirloin Steak

From $11.99

Big cut, big flavor.  Mountain Primal Sirloins will have your family & friends cro...

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Flat Iron Steak

From $15.99

This ranch favorite is one of our go-to steaks for our family meals for good reason. T...

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Short Ribs

From $26.99

If you're reading this and don't see "Sold Out!" written above, get them NOW!!  We've ...

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Beef Stew Meat


Each package of our American Highland Beef Stew Meat is 1.2 - 1.4 lbs. Our beef is sour...

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Skirt Steak

From $20.99

Looking to spice things up?  Our signature skirt steak is the foundation for anyone wh...

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Tomahawk Ribeye

From $69.99

The Mountain Primal Tomahawk Ribeye is truly something to behold. Coming in hefty cuts...

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Pot Roast

From $44.99

Break out the slow cookers, it’s time for a feast the whole family will love! Get fanc...

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Primal Beef Brisket (Point)

From $80.99

The Primal Brisket, one of our most sought after products, was formerly reserved for l...

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Chuck Roast

From $40.99

Our beef is sourced direct from our ranch in Basalt, CO.  This product comes with a bo...

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Beef Heart


Beef heart is between 1.0-1.5 lbs. Our beef is sourced direct from our ranch located ...

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Beef Back Ribs

From $59.99

Well-marbled and bursting with that rich American Highland Beef flavor we all love, our...

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Black Mountain Primal Team Shirt


Show that Mountain Primal Nation pride! Eat meat, work hard, and get dirty! Pursue gre...

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