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We are the ones who rise to every occasion

Who we are is deeply tied to where we come from.  We trace our lineage back to the 80 some men who first stood their ground against the might of an empire at Lexington, MA, sowing the seeds of bravery and resolve that would lead to the founding of our great nation.  We have inherited our unwavering determination from the men and women who pioneered west on horses and in wagons, risking everything they had to pave a new, prosperous life for themselves.  Finally, we trace our sense of duty back to all those brave few who charged trenches, stormed beaches, flew sorties, took hills, and raised flags.

We are the inheritors of the destiny of every American before us that strove to be better than they were the day before.  We have taken up their mantle because we believe, as they did, that our country is worth fighting for and worth building upon.  Everything we do, from feeding our cattle to bottling our provisions, is an honor and privilege and we make sure each step we take is meaningful and with purpose.

That’s who we are, so who are you?


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