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Bison New York Strip

From $16.99

Our bison New York Strips are extremely tender, low in fat, and high in protein! Just a...

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Bison Bratwurst


NEW RELEASE! If you enjoy a traditional bratwurst, you have to try our new Bison Union...

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Beef Breakfast Links


If you thought the smell of coffee will wake the house up, just fire up a skillet of o...

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Ground Variety Pack

From $46.99

Just in time for your 4th of July celebrations, we've put together one heck of a great ...

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Breakfast Sausage Links


Mountain Primal’s Breakfast Sausage Links are made from a delicious combination of our...

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Ground Pork


Mountain Primal’s Ground Pork is an amazing alternative to any of your favorite dishes ...

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Chuck Roast

From $36.99

Our beef products are sourced direct from our ranch in Basalt, CO.  Our pristine mount...

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Beef Marrow Bones


All of our beef products are sourced from our ranch located in Basalt, CO. The pristin...

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Bison Sirloin

From $15.99

Our bison sirloins are the perfect cut for those who like to marinade their steak as th...

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Ground Beef 90/10

From $11.99

Same unmatched American Highland Beef flavor, just a little on the leaner side! Every g...

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Spicy Italian Ground Sausage


Don't let the name fool you, if you enjoy a little kick but not an overpowering spicy ...

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Mountain Primal Beef Liver


Our beef liver is between .9-1.3 lbs. All of our beef products are sourced from our ra...

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