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Oxtails are between 1.4 -1.9 lbs. Our beef is sourced direct from our ranch located in ...

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Elk Flat Iron Steak

From $29.99

This ranch favorite is one of our go-to steaks for our family meals for good reason. ...

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Black I Love Vegans T-Shirt


We do.  We promise.

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Mountain Primal R.E.D. T-Shirt


Mountain Primal's Remember Everyone Deployed team shirt.

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Sirloin Tip Roast

From $54.99

No, all roasts are not created equal. The Mountain Primal Sirloin Tip Roast is burstin...

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Beef Kidney


Our beef kidneys are between .5-1 lb. Our beef is sourced direct from our ranch locat...

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Logo Patch Foam Trucker Hat


The original Mountain Primal trucker cap.  Wear it, break it in, get it dirty.

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Does this really need a description?

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Beef Tongue


Beef tongue is between 1.2-2.2 lbs. Our beef is sourced direct from our ranch located...

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Get Dirty Women's T-Shirt


Don't wait around for life to happen.  Get out there and get dirty!

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I Love Vegetarians Medium Rare T-Shirt

Regular price Retail: $29.99 sale: $5.99

They come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as you don't walk away from the skillet ...

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Made with our leather, our grit, and our love.

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