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Mountain Primal Merch

Trouble Maker


Does this really need a description?

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Made with our leather, our grit, and our love.

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Drink to freedom, and those that protect it, often and hard.

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Mountain Primal Coffee Cup


We've fired the guy who ordered these from China.  American coffee mugs coming soon.

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Custom Mountain Primal Watch


Want a reliable watch that won't come off when your shoulder deep in a bull doing check...

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Mountain Primal Drinking Glass


We've had some long nights testing the efficacy of these drinking glasses.  After sever...

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Limited Edition Mountain Primal Meat Co. Silver...


Our ranch is located just down the road from Aspen, CO, where a silver nugget weighing...

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American Highland Cattle Hair-on-Hides


Our American Highland Cattle produce some of the greatest looking Hair-on-Hides you wil...

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American Highland Steer Skull


Our Steer Skull European Mounts are perfect for any den, cabin, or armory.  They measur...

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