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Ground highland beef, Colorado raised, ordered online, and shipped nationwide.  Ground beef subscriptions available.

Ground Beef

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Every grill master has their own way of creating the perfect burger, and Mountain Primal aims to give them exactly what they need for their latest masterpieces. Ground from our proprietary blend of cuts to ensure a delicious balance of lean meat and fat, this beef will surely be a hit at your next cookout.

Please note that each package of ground beef is 1 lb.  The 5 lb. ground beef comes in a single 5 lb package of 80/20 blend.  The 8 lb. package comes in (8) 1 lb. packages of 80/20 blend.

All of our beef products are sourced from our ranch located in Basalt, CO. The pristine mountain climate lends itself to producing healthy, pasture-raised, American Highland Cattle, that in turn produce meat of the highest quality.

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