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Mountain Primal White V-Neck

Regular price Retail: $28.99 sale: $23.99

Show off your Mountain Primal team pride with this v-neck that's ready for the spring a...

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Mountain Primal's Double Tomahawk Box

Regular price Retail: $259.99 sale: $249.99

We've had it up to here with people beating down our doors for these Highland Beef Toma...

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Mountin' Primal Tee


Here at Mountain Primal we let our bulls take care of their business the old-fashioned ...

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New York Strip

From $28.99

The meat that made American steakhouses famous. Available in our Beef Lover's Box, ou...

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Fer the moments you and your buddy get drunnk and decide too build a soapbox derby car ...

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Pork Chop

From $11.99

A country classic. Available in our Ultimate Grillables Box. Our Berkshire pork chops ...

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Pork Tenderloin


Juicy and tender, the tenderloins from our Berkshire hogs are some of the finest pork ...

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Primal Ham

$200.00 Sold out!

Reinforce your family dinner table because each of our Berkshire pork hams weigh in nea...

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Promeatheus Patch


Promeatheus patches allow you to share your meat lovin' pride on anything you have lyin...

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Promeatheus Patch Foam Trucker Hat


Certified by our Primal Athlete, UFC fighter Kyle Stewart, as his favorite hat.  If you...

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Ribeye Steak


A classic on the grill, or in the pan, Available in our 6 Lb. Ribeye Box, Steak Lover...

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Silver Bar

$15.00 Sold out!

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