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If you know, then YOU KNOW. This is one of our ranch secrets, but not anymore!

Widely referred to as the “butcher’s cut” due to its extremely rich flavor that most are not aware of, so the butchers would take this home for themselves, and their families. Our Mountain Primal Bavette is known for its rich flavor and almost crumbly texture, putting its texture right between the flank and skirt steak.

The bavette comes from the bottom sirloin and not the belly, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised how this cooks as a stand-alone steak when simply cooked on a grill or cast-iron skillet. Grab a few and impress your crew with your new inside scoop into the butcher’s secret stash!

Our beef products are sourced direct from our ranch in Basalt, CO.  Our pristine mountain climate lends itself to producing healthy, pasture-raised, American Highland Cattle, that in turn produce meat of the highest quality.

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