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Colorado Raised Elk - 5 Reasons To Eat Elk Meat TODAY!

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1) It's Very Healthy

Elk are extremely active wild game that live off of natural diets consisting of grass, herbs, leaves and bark, so they are a naturally leaner meat. In fact, Elk meat only has a fifth of the fat of regular beef! Elk has been a long time secret for our healthier friends as it also is rich in Omega 3, CLA, and other healthy fats. While low in cholesterol and leaner, Elk meat can assist in weight loss, enhanced cardiovascular health, as well as increased and improved muscle mass.    

2) All-around Versatility In the Kitchen

Whether it’s ground elk for your tacos, juicy elk loins grilled to perfection, or amazingly tender elk tenderloins, LITERALLY ANY recipe calling for beef can be substituted with Elk! In fact Elk’s naturally bold in flavor, so you can use less seasoning or marinades and just let that succulent flavor shine through.

3) Very Easy To Cook 

We are asked quite a bit about how to cook Elk, and understandably, as a new meat on the grill can be intimidating. The answer is VERY simple, though: Cook it like beef, just for slightly less time and using less seasoning. With less fat content, elk meat does not require as much time over heat. We recommend very light seasoning and putting a nicely seared brown on the outside with a pink center (yes, even the ground elk) to allow those natural flavors to come through. Of course, the amount of pink is your call, but don’t be afraid to go a little “pinker” than you would your beef.

4) Sustainability and All-Natural 

Like our famous American Highland Beef, we pride ourselves on the sustainability and humane raising of our Colorado-sourced elk. Mountain Primal Elk are raised in their natural habitats of open grasslands and wooded environments. Raised in their natural habitat and surviving the harsh Rocky Mountain winters as they always have, just like our American Highland Cattle, elk do not need and NEVER receive antibiotics or hormones. So rest assured that you are supporting a naturally sustainable food source!

5) Protein, Protein, Protein

Did we mention that elk meat is healthy?! Elk meat is chock full of vitamins and minerals like B-12, thiamine, iron, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin and niacin. Combine that with having more protein content than chicken, lamb, or beef and you have a winning combination of reducing risks of heart disease and a stoked up immune system!


Now don’t get us wrong, we LOVE our American Highland Beef, but we offer the highest quality Colorado-raised elk meat for good reasons: Healthy, sustainable, and DAMN delicious!!

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