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How To Reverse Sear A Steak

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The Famous Reverse Sear 

Why do we love the Reverse sear for thicker cut steaks?
Well, for many reasons, but the final result of a PERFECTLY cooked steak inside and out speaks for itself!
Tomahawk Ribeye
While this obviously takes a bit longer than slapping it on a hot grill, your patience will pay off as you will have a nice crust on the outside with a perfectly cooked steak (to your desired doneness) on the inside.
Give it a try and check out our steaks HERE for some "practice" materials...
**While we typically use a Traeger Smoker Grill for this, any other type of grill that allows temperature control OR even your oven will work just fine!**
  1. Let your steak come to room temperature (between 68-72° F) which can take between 30-60 minutes. Be patient!
  2. While your steak comes to room temperature simply sprinkle with salt and pepper on both sides and pre-reheat your grill to 225° F.
  3. Place steak in grill until the internal reaches 125° F (for medium-rare).
  4. Once you have hit your ideal internal temperature pull the steak, wrap it, and place in a cooler.
  5. Crank your grill up to 475° F and PLEASE make sure you don’t have excessive grease build up. Don’t need any grill fires...yes, it happens!
  6. Once grill reaches 475° F, place the steak back on the hot grill and sear for 2-3 on each side for a nice crust.
  7. Pull and allow the steak to rest for 5-7 minutes. If you're a true steak fanatic (or just want to impress), you can put the cooked and seared steak back in a cooler to keep the heat in as it rests. 
  8. Plate and enjoy!


 When cooking meat, the muscle fibers of the meat tense up. Allowing it to rest is key to a tender, juicy steak as when it cools the juices will redistribute throughout the meat and NOT on your plate.

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