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How To Choose A Steak - The Essentials

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Some of you are well aware of the ins-and-outs of choosing steak cuts and the differences, but we thought we'd share a little bit about each of the essential 4 cuts to feed your brain today...and your belly later.

We like to break down choosing a steak into 3 simple criteria:

  1. Cut - Each cut differs in size, texture, shape, and, most importantly, flavor. 
  2. Marbling - Intramuscular fat content that softens and distributes into the meat creating flavor and juiciness. 
  3. Flavor -  Do you prefer a mild, rich, bold, or full-bodied flavor?

The Ribeye

Flavor: Rich
Tenderness: 4/5
Let’s start with one of our favorites! The Ribeye, also referred to as the “cowboy cut," comes guessed it, the rib primal of the beef. What makes this cut so desirable and the top choice of steaks is the amount of marbling (aka intramuscular fat) within the cut, which adds a tremendous amount of flavor with little to ZERO seasoning necessary.


The Ribeye is such an ESSENTIAL cut within the steak cuts that the entire grading system of the beef is based on this ONE cut of meat.

    The New York Strip

    Flavor: Bold
    Tenderness: 3/5
    Cut from the loin primal, the strip steak (known as the New York Strip) consists of a muscle that does little work, and so it is particularly tender. Fat content is usually somewhere between the Ribeye and the Tenderloin. Unlike the nearby tenderloin, the short loin is a sizable muscle, allowing it to be cut into the larger portions.


    When still on the bone, and butchered with a piece of the tenderloin still attached, the New York Strip becomes a T-bone or a Porterhouse, the difference being that the Porterhouse always has a larger portion of tenderloin.

    The Filet Mignon

    Flavor: Mild
    Tenderness: 5/5

    The Filet Mignonbeing butcher from the the tenderloin, is an incredibly tender cut of meat due to the muscle's supreme lack of activity. Mountain Primal’s Filet Mignon are cut to an inch and a quarter thick and are heavily sought after when we have guests at the ranch.


    Though the most tender (melt-in-your-mouth) cut, the lack of fat content within the Filet Mignon is the main reason you often see this cut wrapped in delicious fatty BACON and/or paired with a SAUCE to enhance and bring it additional flavor.

    The Sirloin

    Flavor: Full-Bodied
    Tenderness: 3/5
    Big cut, big flavor. Taken from its namesake's primal cut, the top sirloin, the Sirloin is located just beyond the tenderloin where the famed Filet Mignon (see above) is cut.  Mountain Primal’s Sirloins will have your family & friends crowding the table on steak night. Typically a little less pricey, Sirloins are very popular for large gatherings and are sure to please. Our American Highland Cattle produce the most tender and juicy sirloin steaks you’ll ever try.



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